Welcome to our first "what's in her bag?" interview.  Each month we'll bring you a different girl and her favorite Nicole Van Dyke bag, and how it happily carries about her daily essentials.  For this first article, we interviewed Béa, who loves the Zoé style so much, she buys a new one each season.  Here we are showing off the lovingly used winter purse, in ruby red, at left, and her new spring selection, Zoé handwoven stripe/leather combo, at right.

Meet Béa, Parisian girl with strong ties to her Brittany heritage.  She's a happily married mum of two, and a pediatric nurse specializing in caring for motor-skills handicapped kids.  She has a killer sense of humor, that great relaxed-cool French style, and loves touches of leopard print and a glass of white wine, not necessarily in that order.

Béa's essentials: her Marc Jacobs nude lipstick, a Sisley gloss, her i-phone in a leopard (of course!) protective case, a tube of Clarins hand cream, tiny fold-out Paris metro map, her cute notebook and pen for keeping thoughts and ideas together, and her trio of matching NVD accessories:  the Coco wallet, Carey sunglasses case, and Dollie coin purse. Last but most importantly, her good luck charm, a beautiful, white stone from Brittany, to keep the ocean waves near her while in the city of light.  Merci, Béa! 

Watch the video, where Béa tells us what she carries every day in her Zoé bag (en francais, but isn't that chic...) 

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