Welcome to Spring 2018 at Nicole Van Dyke, where tribal vibes run a deep new beat with the usual suspects: signature stripes, dots, florals and color in the clothes and bags, with the important touch of black and white.  Just like technicolor and film noir at the movies, here is the good stuff to know this season...(all photos by NVD)

Inspiration hits me head-on from everywhere - art museums and galleries, reading and books, travel, architecture, cinema, photography, fashion, home, the fab girls who wear and carry NVD, family and friends, my hubby and my kids...and goes into each design.  I absolutely stuff oversized « notebooks » with sketches, cutouts, drawings, magazine clippings, notes, which allow me to synthesize the great influences I come across.  Then the strongest influences leap out at me for the season.

For the Spring 2018 collection, a few fabulous estate sales brought in magical fabrics and trims, among them wood beads and fringes.

The fringe and bead touches travel so well with the vintage patent leather bags. This is an adventurous season at NVD, inspiration is as much about what's coming this summer as it is about the iconic influences such as Lauren Hutton and Ali MacGraw.

Black and white always holds a special place at Nicole Van Dyke. This season in the bold, midi-dress in stripes, and the demure mini-dress in dots.

Sketches come to life in my notebooks. Color runs from coral red, gorgeous peach-and-gold, and happy lemon yellow. Wooden beads are natural, dark stained, or black.

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