Montmartre is a Paris neighborhood that holds a special place for all of us Parisians or adopted Parisians. The little French village within Paris, the charming walkways up and down the hillside, the Sacred Heart Basilica, or Sacre Cœur, so white against a blue sky & perched atop the city. Then there's the Moulin Rouge (walking in front of it while here is a little disappointing nowadays, but definitely watch the Baz Luhrmann movie upon returning home, it captures the very best of it). This photo suggests a very gourmet and fashionable escapade in Montmartre, too: this delectable dessert is served at Bouillon Pigalle, and the striped 'Naomi' top with vintage cotton lace is available right here on the e-shop. Lunch, shopping, a long walk, and finally cocktails in a wonderfully hidden spot: on y va! (that means let's go!) xx Nicole

Bouillon Pigalle is the start of this jaunt, it's a new take on a very old-style of Parisian bistro: simple but very signature French dishes, homemade and easy on your euros. A Belle-Epoque style brasserie with some yummy classics, either in the spacious ground level or upstairs dining rooms, or on the semi-hidden terrasse. Take a peek at their wonderfully retro menu online right now, and dream about your upcoming visit. The leeks with vinaigrette and crushed hazelnuts paired nicely with the new NVD tweed sunglasses case. On the Place Pigalle, at 22 Blvd de Clichy. www.bouillonpigalle.com

Paperdolls is a boutique set up like a retro apartment, with a great selection of jewelry, clothing and bag designers, including the Nicole Van Dyke accessories collection. Pick up the tweed sunglass case, the ‘Paris Kiss’ purse, a leopard passport case, or many other wallets and organizers. Located at 5 rue Houdon, website: www.paperdolls.fr

A creative stop on your Montmartre walk, DAM Buttons is a veritable institution. A little tresure trove of zillions of great buttons. Maybe a favorite coat needs a refresh where the buttons are concerned ? Or a vintage find needs an update or a twist ? Aunt Mabel gives you beauitful old linen duvet covers, but the buttons have disappeared over time ? Pop in at 46 rue d'Orsel. www.damboutons.com

Finally, as you wander up the west side of Montmartre through leafy residential streets, ring the buzzer at an iron gate and step through the private arch and into the French countryside to discover 'Hotel Particulier' ! Now that fall is coming, if the lush, verdant patio is too cool, step inside and enjoy delicious cocktails in the cozy glassed-in wintergarden, or the multiple 'tres-particulier' bar spaces. Stay on for a chic dinner inside, or even decide to spend the night. Check out the menus, reservations, and the hotel on the website. 23 avenue Junot, Pavillon D. www.hotel-particulier-montmartre.com 

We enjoyed signature cocktails and an excellent Pisco Sour, plus yummy plates to share. The whole place feels like an old family mansion with a bit of mystery surrounding it...

Bon appetit, bon shopping and cheers!

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