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Welcome to Spring 2017 at Nicole Van Dyke!  Hop on the NVD sailboat of style and drift into summer: a ship full of striped - dotted - floral - checked - colorful clothes and bags, with an anchor of black and white.  Here is a look at the inside story, before we set sail...(all photos by NVD)

Inspiration hits me head-on from everywhere - art museums and galleries, reading and books, travel, architecture, cinema, photography, fashion, home, the fab girls who wear and carry NVD, family and friends, my hubby and my kids...and goes into each design.  I absolutely stuff oversized « notebooks » with sketches, cutouts, drawings, magazine clippings, notes, which allow me to synthesize the great influences I come across.  Then the strongest influences leap out at me for the season.

For the Spring 2017 collection, a trip to the Vitra Design Campus in Weil-am-Rhein, Germany, was a visual tour-de-force.  The various buildings and the surrounding countryside were enormous sources of inspiration.  The Vitra Tower Slide, by German artist Carsten Hoeller, is like silver ruffles and straight stitching against the blue sky (my eye sees Dr. Seuss-magic in the happy design).  The Vitra Haus itself is Herzog & de Meuron-designed 'piled' up minimalist little buildings, their shape reminding me of red barns in my native Michigan.  Inside all the clean lines is the beautiful escargot staircase: curved and straight are a continuing theme this season.

Nearby on the campus, at the Frank Gehry-designed Vitra museum, the Alexander Girard retrospective was an fantastic source of color, print, creativity and joy for Spring '17.  A fascinating, creative artist through and through, Girard even designed his own imaginary country, complete with it's own money, language, infrastructure, a place he let his imagination really go.  His drawings, prints and colors exude optimism, a big theme at NVD.  What you wear and carry should make you feel and look great, and get you through your crazy-busy day...

Music is a huge inspiration, and these are just some of the artists and songs that accompanied me through creating the Spring collection: Aretha, Dinah Washington, The Ronettes ‘Be My Baby’, The Supremes, The Temptations ‘Can’t Get Next to You’, La Roux and London Grammar, and Matt Simons’ 'Catch and Release’ that my daughter Lucy introduced me to…

Sketches come to life in my notebooks. Color samples and the signature fringe and tassles are tested in some of the spring colors: lemon, papaya and carmel.

Black and white holds a special place every season at Nicole Van Dyke.  This season it works like the anchor for the colorful NVD sartorial sailboat!

Please shop the collection right here online at our new e-shop.  

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What a magnificent website, i love it, so inspiring!!! Very impressive job, congrats!
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