Discover the one-of-a-kind textiles at Nicole Van Dyke: handwoven textiles play a very special part in the collection.

The immensely talented textile designer, Barbara Van Dyke (who just happens to be the designer's mum), designs and weaves exclusive fabrics for the NVD collection.

During her education at les Beaux-Arts in Berlin, German-born Barbara spent a year in the U.S. interning with a well-known weaver, when she met and fell in love with her future husband in Michigan.  Barbara returned to Berlin, finished her last year of art school, graduated, and packed up to move to the U.S. permanently, where love and weaving blossomed.  

Barbara works on multiple looms, beautiful wooden objects themselves, to create different textiles.  The very largest Swedish loom is best for more minimalist patterns, whereas the smaller looms allow for more intricate pattern work.

The mother-daughter creative collaboration focuses on linens and cottons for the summer collection, and wools for the winter collection.  Brainstorming sessions take place between Paris, where the designer creates, and Grand Rapids, Michigan, where the textile designer's studio is based, and Skype and email in between.  

Texture, color, pattern and detail:  handwoven textiles add hand-crafted soul to the NVD accessories.

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